Corporate Clients

Public opinion can make or break a project.

Consultants and their clients turn to Probolsky Research to:

  • Understand the community’s needs, wants and opinions
  • Profile champions and detractors
  • Identify features and benefits that influence support and define points of opposition
  • Test assumptions and develop strategic message points
  • Benchmarking opinion against past results and future research

We work closely with your in-house management team and outside consultants to ensure a coordinated marriage of strategy and tactics.

Additionally, Probolsky Research has specific experience working with organizations that rely on an effective interaction with government agencies on issues relating to awareness of and satisfaction with outreach efforts, issue support, identification/measurement of successful outreach methods, communications vehicles and messengers and other key elements of success.

“Probolsky Research helped us transform a bid into a win. Understanding public opinion provided us with a roadmap for refining our proposal, communicating our message and persuading elected officials.”

Anthony Alessi, Vice President of Business Development
HMS Host, Inc.


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Analysis + Reporting

While we customize deliverables to meet each client’s needs, we generally provide the following for each project:

  • Topline report
  • Strategic memorandum and talking points
  • PowerPoint presentation with graphic analysis
  • Detailed cross-tabulations

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