California Gas Tax is Likely Here to Stay

In April, Governor Brown signed a new gas tax into law. There is a campaign to overturn this tax. And a judge, just days ago, re-wrote the ballot description calling the attorney general’s title “fundamentally flawed”.

Our poll found a majority of voters oppose the repeal of the gas tax.

The presentation on results can be found here:
Probolsky Research – Gas Tax Repeal – Presentation

The full report on results can be found here:
Probolsky Research – Gas Tax Repeal – Report on Results



No vote propensity category yields more than 40% in support for the gas tax repeal:

Just 52% of Republicans support the gas tax repeal. Majorities of both Democratic and independent voters oppose the the repeal:

Research on Homelessness in Wealthy Orange County, California

Homelessness as a policy issue has grown to become the most important issue to voters in many communities across America. You might think that homelessness would not be a factor in wealthy Orange County, California, but you would be wrong.

In fact, our research shows that it is the top issue. Over the course of the this summer we have conducted polling and used other research discovery tools to truly understand how voters relate to the homelessness issue, who they think is responsible for solving the problem and what they are willing to do to help solve the problem.

Adam Probolsky spoke at a series of county sponsored events over the last two weeks, where he presenting this data to city, county and community leaders who are working hard to address the homelessness issue.

These events included:

  • South County Homeless Roundtable, Mission Viejo, CA – September 7, 2017
  • Orange County North Service Planning Area Meeting, Anaheim, CA – September 11, 2017
  • Central County Homelessness Service Planning Area Meeting, Newport Beach, CA – September 25, 2018

Here is the presentation:

Probolsky Research – Orange County Voter Survey – Homelessness – Service Planning Area Meetings

For more detailed information on public perception of homelessness or other policy issues, please contact our Newport Beach (949) 855-6400 or San Francisco offices (415) 870-8150.

The 40-minute video which we call a discovery tool, including transcribed comments by voters talking about homelessness can be viewed here:


Transportation Poll Presentation to OCTax

Today we presented new poll results to OCTax on how Orange County voters feel about transportation.


The presentation is here:

Probolsky Research – The Future of Orange County’s Transportation


Orange County Survey on Homelessness

On Friday, July 14, 2017 Probolsky Research president Adam Probolsky presented the results to an Orange County, CA countywide poll on homelessness at a California Women’s Leadership Association forum.

Some surprising data were revealed, not the least of which was that homelessness and poverty are the top issues of concern among Orange County voters.

The presentation can be viewed here: Probolsky Research – Orange County Voter Survey – Homelessness UPDATED

The full report on results can be viewed here: Probolsky Research – Orange County Voter Survey – Homelessness – Full Report on Results



Western Advocacy Symposium – Grassroots Professional Network – Poll Presentation

Probolsky Research president Adam Probolsky presents our findings on opinions about the movie industry, multi-day music festivals, drones, self-driving cars and community engagement at the Western Advocacy Symposium – Grassroots Professional Network on May 12, 2017.

The presentation can be found here.

The full report on results can be found here.

A Conversation with America about Government Corruption

This book, A Conversation with America about Government Corruption, is an important quick read for anyone who works in government, the media, politics or public affairs.

Do you think you know how Americans talk and think about government corruption? You may be surprised by what we found in our national poll that asked: “In just a few words, how would you define government corruption?”

If you would like to be notified when we update this research, use the Connect With Us form to the right.

If you would like printed copies of this book or are interested in a presentation on corruption and ethics for your group or organization, please call our office at 949-855-6400.

Download the book here: A Conversation with America about Government Corruption

Ballot User Experience Matters

Pollsters need to take care that they replicate the ballot experience of voters as closely as possible. This means very different things in all 50 states and in many of the different counties, cities and townships across the country. 

Being careless with ballot experience can cause the results of a horse-race question to be way off. 

In this Roll Call article by Nathan Gonzales, I spoke to this issue:

“We feel strongly that replicating the ballot, in form and function is critical to getting an accurate read on the outcome,” said Republican pollster Adam Probolsky of Probolsky Research. “That includes the ballot order (or rotational scheme if there is one), any other information such as party (and how that is presented), notation of incumbency or other information.”

“It takes effort to dial in these details for each client, but without that next-level of inquiry about a ballot for a specific race, the data can be skewed minimally or worse,” Probolsky added.

Make sure your pollster does the hard work of learning how the ballot is presented to voters and adjusts accordingly. 

Advisory to California Water Agencies Regarding White House Executive Order on Water Regulations

Advisory to California Water Agencies Regarding White House Executive Order on Water Regulations

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In light of the White House Executive Order on the Environmental Protection Agency review of Obama-era water regulations, we are recommending that California water agencies make a declarative statement about adhering to and maintaining stringent water quality standards.

This advice is in no way meant to be a value judgement on the President’s action. Nor do we expect that the Executive Order necessarily directly impacts drinking water in your community. The media however, is presenting the issue as if water quality will suffer broadly under these new rules. And that is precisely why we are recommending getting out in front of the issue.

Polling and other opinion research we have performed for water districts throughout the state, shows that ratepayers trust their local water districts and have high confidence in their water quality. It is important to protect this positive public perception.


Examples of today’s news headlines:

CNN: Trump to sign order reviewing EPA water rule

NY Times: Trump Plans to Begin E.P.A. Rollback With Order on Clean Water

The Verge: Trump signs executive order to roll back clean water rule – The rule gives protection to 60 percent of the US’s bodies of water

NBC News: Trump Signs Executive Order to Begin Water Rule Rollback


With offices in Newport Beach and San Francisco, Probolsky Research conducts polling, focus groups and other opinion research for public agencies.


Link to Advisory:

Advisory to California Water Agencies Regarding White House Executive Order on Water Regulations


LA Measure S Likely to Lose, Garcetti Job Approval High

Probolsky Research conducted a poll of likely March 7, City of Los Angeles Voters – the results show that Measure S is likely to fail. Also, Mayor Eric Garcetti has high job approval marks.

The presentation can be found here:

March Election – Probolsky – City of Los Angeles Likely Voter TRACKING Survey – Presentation


The full report on results can be found here:

City of Los Angeles Likely Voter Survey – Full Report



From Thursday, February 16 through Sunday, February 19, 2017 Probolsky Research conducted a telephone survey of likely voters within the City of Los Angeles.

A total of 300 voters were surveyed. A survey of this size yields a margin of error of +/-5.8% with a confidence level of 95%. Interviews were conducted with voters on both landline and mobile phones (46% were completed on mobile phones) and were offered in English and Spanish languages.

Our sample was developed from voter files originally compiled by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder. Probolsky Research applies a stratified random sampling methodology to our sample design. In other words, we ensure that the demographic proportions of survey respondents match the demographic composition of the universe being researched.

Probolsky Research specializes in opinion research on behalf of business, government, non-profit and special interest clients.

Probolsky on Campaigns and Elections Panel: Is Political Polling Truly Broken

Probolsky Research president, Adam Probolsky’s presentation can be found at this link:

Probolsky Research – CandE Presentation 2017