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Winning political strategies demand effective opinion research, not only for planning but also in the measurement of success and the fine-tuning of tactics over time.

Opinion research allows campaigns to know what voters are thinking, who can be influenced and how they can be influenced. It uncovers what messages work and with what groups they work with (allowing campaigns to shore up positives, highlight opponents’ negatives and immunize themselves from attack). It reveals the best ways to reach those groups, allowing the campaign to maximize expenditure by ensuring that messages effectively speak to the needs and desires of specific groups of voters. Good polling and focus groups are your campaign’s roadmap to communicating with the voters.

Specifically, opinion research will help your campaign by:

  • Understanding voters’ needs, wants and opinions
  • Profiling champions and detractors
  • Identifying issues that influence voter support and define points of opposition
  • Testing assumptions and developing strategic message points, methods of communication and identifying audiences
  • Identifying potential pitfalls
  • Benchmarking voter opinion against past results and future research

Our firm’s roots are in politics; our nearly twenty years of experience includes extensive local, statewide and national elections work. Our demonstrated expertise in evaluating voter opinion and successfully projecting outcomes at the ballot box has earned us the respect of several media outlets which have partnered with us for their public polling.

Our services include benchmark, brushfire and tracking polls, and we are experts in questionnaire design, sample design and multilingual projects, as well as providing data analysis that gives your team the results they need to enact an effective, efficient campaign.

Our clients depend on us for delivering best-of-breed research with accurate, meaningful data and strategic recommendations that are campaign-ready and immediately actionable.

In politics, it never pays to guess.

“We work with Probolsky Research on some of our toughest campaigns and we win.”

Dave Gilliard, Partner
Gilliard Blanning and Associates


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Analysis + Reporting

While we customize deliverables to meet each client’s needs, we generally provide the following for each project:

  • Topline report
  • Strategic memorandum and talking points
  • PowerPoint presentation with graphic analysis
  • Detailed cross-tabulations

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