Exclusive to PublicCEO.com – New Poll Results on Local Government and Taxes

Probolsky Research releases new poll results exclusively to PublicCEO.com, revealing that California voters approve of the job their mayors and city/town councils (and county supervisors for those living in unincorporated communities) are doing.

Voters also seem to oppose new, local taxes and fees. Our firm often conducts opinion research for cities/towns, counties and special districts on revenue measures. We do not believe these numbers necessarily bode ill for new local taxes, fees and rate increases, but agencies should proceed cautiously, and be prepared to conduct research and engage in a concerted public education campaign.

You can see the presentation here and find the full report including cross tabulated results here.

Government managers who would like a briefing with data relevant to their region can call our offices at (949) 855-6400.

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